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 Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules & Guidelines   Sun Nov 30, 2014 8:23 pm

Rules & Guidelines

These rules are applicable to every existing member on Dreamscape Duel Academy, violating these may cause in times bans and eventually permanent bans if seen fit by an Administrator. Warning can be given by any member of staff with moderation and bans can be conducted by any member of staff when no Moderator or Admin is online.

Offenses are divided into 2 groups: Moderate and Severe. Any offense that falls into any of these categories will be considered serious and will be dealt with as soon as possible by a member of staff. If members have any complaints or wish to inform the staff of any breach of the rules/guidelines you may Private Message an Admin or a Moderator with sufficient evidence to back you up.

Having 5 warnings will result in a permanent ban (lifetime ban). Having 4 warnings will result in a times ban (usually a couple of days but can last weeks) and all of your DP being removed. Having 3 warning will result in a warning put on record by a staff member. Having 2 or 1 warnings will result in a PM from a staff member explaining your offense. However warnings can deteriorate over time if the user behaves.

Trivial offenses will result in 1 or two warning depending on the seriousness of the offense and a PM will be sent to the user but this will not be put on record. Moderate offenses will be given 3 warnings whereas severe offenses will result in 4 or 5 warnings depending on the seriousness of the offense.

Trivial Offenses:

Posting in topics that are old or bringing up old arguments.
Stealing GFX from other members or other forums
Talking about Religion or sexuality (it is unnecessary to bring such things up, keep them to yourself)
Impersonating staff by threatening to kick members, adding an @ sign to your user name while registering or registering with staff’s usernames on other forums for whatever reason.
Deliberately impersonating someone from another forum or having usernames similar to an existing member in an offensive manner
Spamming (Deliberately posting irrelevant information or posting multiple times for no actual purpose) [You may edit your posts rather than double posting]
Speaking in other language other than English for no apparent reason (remember this is an English forum)

Moderate Offenses:

Advertising without permission from an Admin
Offensive/Abusive language after being warned by a staff member OR excessive use of inappropriate language
Deliberately being offensive to staff members
Harassment (Trolling, using Abusive language or Sexual Harassment)
Flooding (repeatedly posting on topics with no clear intent or spamming the chatbox with unnecessary)
Asking for personal information or posting a members personal information (real life)
Having more than 1 account per person

Severe Offenses:

Cybercrime (Hacking, threats of hacking or attempts to hack, malware posting, identity theft, etc.)
Threats of harm or suicide/murder
Posting pornographic, illegal elements
Using an offensive username or using Profiles inappropriately (inappropriate profile pictures/signatures)
Hate speech
Copyright infringement (Piracy, plagiarism, off-site links to piracy websites)
Any form of racism or sexism (meant in a malicious manner)

Chatbox Rules

Do NOT use abusive language
Do NOT post inappropriate content
Do NOT post irrelevant topics or advertise
Do NOT disrespect Staff and/or Members.
You MUST speak in English
Do NOT spam.

Chatbox Warnings

1st Offense: Verbal warning
2nd Offense: Verbal warning as well as a warning put on record and a kick from the chat
3rd Offense: Kick from the chat and 2 warnings put on record
4th Offense: Ban from chat for a specified period of time (sent by PM)
5th Offense: Ban from chat permanently (unless a moderator/admin wish to allow the member back) and 3 warnings put on record.

Please obey the rules set by this academy in order to provide a safe and friendly environment for members.


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Rules & Guidelines

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